Try the new SmartPanda Query Extension

Instantly create pivots, rowcounts, averages, sums, bar charts, pie charts, etc from any PeopleSoft Query!

  • Works with any PeopleSoft (HCM, Finance, Supply Chain, Campus Solutions etc.)
  • All you need is Chrome browser and PeopleSoft Query Viewer
  • Your query results become an instant dataset for you to analyze
  • Your query data is secure because it never leaves your desktop browser!
  • No IT involvement or customization is needed
  • Simple and immediate install

 To get yours now, follow these 3 steps

Step 1. Get your License Key

Step 2. Download the Installer for Windows or

Step 3. Click here for videos showing details on how to Install and Use


Like the Query Extension? The extension is only a subset of what you can get w/ the full Query Executive PeopleSoft Bolt On

Easily Create Chart Dashboards inside your PeopleSoft
Deploy Visualizations to any of your PeopleSoft Users
Many Additional styles of tables, charts and other visualizations
Works w/ Query Manager and Query Viewer
Save and Reload Pivot Configurations
Link to read full Details of Query Executive Bolt On
See how to easily embed Query Executive in user Dashboards